Pizza Delivery!

The lastest from Team Door Bangers. Its the modern day Initial D! Chelsea Denofa in his e46 delivering pizza, sideways…


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Tuerck’d In Philly

Ryan Tuerck spends some time on camera in Philly Pa. Drifting at FDR, Go Pro Pool stick, and wrecking his beautiful s13 on camera…. what more could you ask for?


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Isle of the Man 2012

Superbikes at Isle of the Man….

Putting everything on the line to be the fastest. 200mph on rough pavement…. yeah…



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100 Drifters of December 2012

This was my first event actually driving. I had so much fun. But…my skills are lacking to be posted on this site. Luckily, there was plenty of other dudes tearing it up. And an awesome little remote control helicopter videoing the action. Check it out


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Drifting live on the news

Hurricane Sandy is rolling it hard, and im heading to my gfs to pick her up. She calls me right before i picked her up and she says “my 240 is on tv! they are filming right in front of my apartment!”

They happened to still be there when I got there. She hopped into my is300 and I pulled out, kicked the clutch hard shifting into second, and brought the back end around a little bit going around the corner. ┬áMy gf yells “HEYYYYY” to the camera guy, and that was that.

The news happened to catch my medocre hurricane slide, but the reporter’s response was epic:

here is her car on the news!


and here the live footage


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Epic RC Car Police Chase

This is awesome.


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Insane japanese street drifting

Drifting the touge’s of japan, with oncoming traffic. Sick cars, and some awesome skills.

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Gatebil 2012

This has to be one of the wildest automobile events in the world.

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Ken Block Gymkhana 5

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helicopter vs superbike, Isle of the man

Awesome video of the helicopter chase cam trying to keep up with Guy Martin on his GSXR 1000


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